January 2018
February 2018
All Meets 12:00 Noon
unless noted otherwise
All Meets 11:00 A.M.
unless noted otherwise
Mon. 1st Foxfire – New Year’s Day - Mr. & Mrs. Alex Glasscock invite the field to tea. Sat. 3rd
*12:00 Noon Linden
Wed. 3rd Turtle Gait Mon. 5th
Sat. 6th Hanlon House Wed. 7th Greg & Lydia Rose
Mon. 8th The Club Sat. 10th
*12:00 Noon Hanlon House
Wed. 10th The White Farm Mon. 12th
Sat. 13th Dunmore Wed. 14th
Turtle Gait
Mon. 15th Atlanta Hall – Juniors Invited Sat. 17th
*12:00 Noon The White Farm
Wed. 17th Carroll Branch Mon. 19th
Manor Glen - Presidents’ Day
“Juniors hunt at no charge”
Sat. 20th Greenwood Wed. 21st
South Branch Farms
Mon. 22nd

J-Mar (Sue Marshalls)

Sat. 24th
*12:00 Noon Atlanta Hall
Wed. 24th South Branch Farms Mon. 26th
Sat. 27th Hanlon House Wed. 28th
Tranquility Manor
Mon. 29th Lindenhope    
Wed. 31st
The White Farm    
  February   March
Sat. 3rd Linden Farm Sat. 3rd *12:00 Noon The White Farm


Printable PDF Fixture Card

Printable PDF Fixture Card

In case of inclement weather or to inquire about bye days, call 410-692-5441
Joint Masters
Mr. Robert A. Kinsley, Mrs. Garrett P. Murray, Mr. H. Turney McKnight, Mr. Joseph G. Davies
Hunt Secretary
Mrs. Carl Shaffer
Assistant Hunt Secretary
Mrs. Jeffrey A. Rosenkilde

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